About 81346-1:2021

The scope of ISO/IEC 81346 is about identification of objects in technical systems, widely spoken, and a lot of related technical and business matter in that case.

Short and to the point, 81346 applies aspects to sort out and monitor

  • the functional aspect =
  • the location aspect +
  • the product aspect

of the technical information of objects, which thereby becomes very clear.

You might know the aspect technique from your daily life, as for example a map of metro lines in a city displays the different lines you may use, and the interchange points as well, but the map does not tell you the actual (geographical) location of the stations.

The key point is, that the metro map displays certain information to you in one specific aspect, and if you need additional information e.g. about locations of a station, you must seek this in another aspect – for example in a traditional geographical map. The benefit of this is clearness:



> (metro map in Danish – but you will probably get the point anyway!)

The same principle applies by using 81346 to create a kind of  ‘map’ of any technical system. This will not be a real ‘map’ or alike, but a kind of technical clear overview, which enables you to navigate within even very complex technical systems.

It is not possible to say how your ‘map’ will look like, as it can be made in several ways. However, any ‘map’ in compliance with 81346 will be based on aspect(s) and it will be structured (objects consists-of and are parts-of), i.e. everything is related to each other.

•  The aspects makes the clearness. The structure enables the overview.

Within the forthcoming guide to 81346 you will see more practical examples of overviews and technical systems, and how you attach information and documentation to this.