The RDS 81346 Standard Series

Have you ever been puzzled by different naming conventions – TAG’s – and different meaning with coding among different disciplines? And would it make sense to you, if you could establish a common technical language among them instead, so everyone knew how to understand each other?

This is what the 81346 standard series does for you. Combined with systems thinking, you can achieve a common understanding through systems that is labelled with 81346 classification codes.

The RDS 81346 standard series

The RDS 81346 standard deals with industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products.

The 81346 is an international standard about coding principles for the structuring of systems including structuring of the information about systems. Furthermore, it is the common formula of standardized letter codes for any technical object and it helps to establish clear and unambiguous TAG’s (labelling) to be understood across all disciplines.

The labelling provides people and organizations with a basis for mutual understanding, and are used as tools to facilitate and enhance communication.

The 81346 standard does not have a fixed recipe but is a common naming convention of how to label systems.

When we follow standards, it allows us to establish, measure and assure a level of quality, and predictability internally as well as externally. This is how we can communicate between silos by using the 81346 standard series to create one common language.


An Introduction to RDS/81346 – Why have a reference system?