New Common Language for the Energy Power Sector

Posted by Theis Wagner on April 06, 2021

ISO/IEC 81346-10 RDS-PS – The New Standard for the Energy Power Sector

The new international standard ISO/IEC 81346-10, already known as RDS-PS, is getting ready to launch in 2021!

The update of current ISO/TS 81346-10 (2015) is making a shift in reference designations (RDS) from current Power Plants (PP) to the more generic Power Systems (PS). The new open standard RDS-PS will be launched as draft international standard (DIS) in April 2021.

As in contrast with the old version of 81346-10, this new RDS-PS aligns with the rules for creating sector specific extensions of RDS. RDS-PS focuses on systems engineering, systems thinking and defines all systems you need to designate power systems of the future!

An RDS-PS Wind Power Example

We had to try it ourselves, so we are happy to share a Wind Power example showcasing RDS-PS with you.

The method and classification in the current draft have been used to create reference designations for the energy power sector eg. the wind power industry. It fits just perfect for wind and other power-to-X systems!

The example includes an overview of an offshore wind farm and an in-depth breakdown. See below, or click on the PDF for a closer look!


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