Introduction to RDS – Value creation

I am very often asked what kind of values RDS / 81346 creates for you?

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Some of the values are out-of-the box with RDS, whereas others requires some work for you to gain the benefit – which is worth the effort, as this is where the economical benefit comes trough. You can donwnload the figure as PDF here.

In brief, the following applies (values in italic):

Shared marking system (TAG)Alligned understanding among disciplines.
Flexible and easy understandingNever runs out of numbers.
Supports life cycleStable and reliable code in full life cycle.
Conforms with EU Machinery DirectiveCE Marking support.
Identify objectsEasy and recognisable identification, link to documentation.
Modularisation platformRe-use of documentation, excellent overview.
Interface controlMonitor what works together.