About 81346-10:2021





RDS-PS to replace RDS-PP© and dependency on VGB guideline

ISO/IEC 81346-10:2021 (RDS-PS) is the upcoming edition of RDS for the Energy Power sector expected to be published in 2021.

The new Reference Designation System for Power Systems (RDS‑PS) standard replaces RDS-PP (RDS-PP is a registered trademark from VGB).

The ISO/IEC 81346 series contains the generic classification codes to create reference designation for all power sector industries. The new RDS-PS standard replaces the specific class codes found in the VGB-B 101 and VGB-B 102.

The current draft proposal for the classification tables in RDS 81346-10 (RDS-PS) are available in the current version of the RDS 81346 APP.


The RDS-PS Wind Power Example

Some of the work in developing a standard is to test it across multiple sectors to ensure quality and usefulness both in practice and theory.

The method and classification in the current draft have been used to create reference designations for the energy power sector eg. the wind power industry. The first test results are that the method and classification fit perfect and allow both flexibility and structure.

At the ISO/IEC 81346 knowledge center, we are happy to share an example showcasing RDS-PS. This includes an overview of an offshore wind farm and an in-depth breakdown example.








Status on ISO/IEC 81346-10 RDS-PS

The upcoming addition to the ISO/IEC 81346 series; Reference Designation Systems for Power Systems, is soon to move from Committee Draft 2 (CD2) to Draft International Standard (DIS). This means the groundwork and final major comments are being incorporated. This is expected to happen January 2021.

If you are like us and cannot wait to start using the new open source RDS-PS, we propose downloading our APP and get on with it!