The RDS 81346 Introduction Course

Postet af Theis Wagner on June 16, 2021
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In the start of June 2021, a free introduction course for RDS 81346 was offered through our newsletter. The response for the introduction course was overwhelming!

Because of the high interest in the course, we now organize a final introduction course for the RDS 81346 standard in August!

The new FREE RDS 81346 Introduction Course is on the 18th of August, at 1:00 PM CEST.

There is still spots left, so fill out the form through the link below and an invitation will follow. Remember that there is a limit of participations per course!

Details and information is in the link below   🠗


New Common Language for the Energy Power Sector

Postet af Theis Wagner on April 06, 2021
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ISO/IEC 81346-10 RDS-PS – The New Standard for the Energy Power Sector

The new international standard ISO/IEC 81346-10, already known as RDS-PS, is getting ready to launch in 2021!

The update of current ISO/TS 81346-10 (2015) is making a shift in reference designations (RDS) from current Power Plants (PP) to the more generic Power Systems (PS). The new open standard RDS-PS will be launched as draft international standard (DIS) in April 2021.

As in contrast with the old version of 81346-10, this new RDS-PS aligns with the rules for creating sector specific extensions of RDS. RDS-PS focuses on systems engineering, systems thinking and defines all systems you need to designate power systems of the future!

An RDS-PS Wind Power Example

We had to try it ourselves, so we are happy to share a Wind Power example showcasing RDS-PS with you.

The method and classification in the current draft have been used to create reference designations for the energy power sector eg. the wind power industry. It fits just perfect for wind and other power-to-X systems!

The example includes an overview of an offshore wind farm and an in-depth breakdown. See below, or click on the PDF for a closer look!


Comments and feedback are most welcome! Click here for more information !

Release of German edition of RDS-handbook

Postet af Henrik Balslev on April 14, 2020
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The RDS Handbook is now available in German! We are very happy to let you know, that the DS166 handbook about RDS (EN 81346) is now available in German from Danish Standards Webshop.

The handbook includes 50 examples to support understanding of RDS and two extensive examples of application: a carwash and a water supply plant. Click this link to go to the web shop!

Release of new 81346 handbook

Postet af Henrik Balslev on January 08, 2020
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A fully updated new 81346 Handbook DSH 166:2020 is now available. Please see photo right and click on it to visit the DS web shop.

The update includes:
– more extensive examples,
– examples from new industries,
– fully updated tables aligned with ISO/IEC 81346-2:2019 letter codes,
– important information about the new ISO 81346-10 which shall replace current edition incl. RDS-PP® and tables from VGB,
– free access to the coming update of the 81346 APP and much more.

The handbook is currently under translation to Danish and Swedish for publishing in 2020.

Service announcement for the RDS 81346 app

Postet af Henrik Balslev on November 08, 2019
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As part of our continued promotion of the RDS 81346 series, we are updating the 81346 smartphone app to include new letter codes from the standard including Part 12 (Construction works).

Unfortunately, this work is creating some technical difficulties, which may prevent log-in, registration of user accounts and refreshing of tables for users of the app.

For the moment, if you are already logged in to the current app, we recommend avoiding logging out or refreshing the tables.

We are working to solve the issue and hope you will bear over with us as we work to have the new updated app ready in the coming weeks.

Publication of 2019 edition of IEC 81346-2

Postet af Henrik Balslev on August 05, 2019
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The maintenance team of part 2 of the ISO/IEC 81346 standard series has now finalized its work and the new edition has been officially published as IEC 81346-2:2019.

The new letter codes of ISO/IEC 81346-2 are already updated in the 81346 app, so they are ready for you.

You may notice a few changes compared with the previous draft version, but from now on the letter codes are fixed. We have already received a lot of positive feedback on the result and the new three letter code seems to be very popular already.

Go ahead and try exploring the new letter codes in the “Technical objects” and “Spaces” in the RDS 81346 app.

The letter codes in the RDS handbook will also be updated with the latest changes. The updated handbook will be available for purchase by January 1st 2020. 

The RDS handbook is also planned to be translated into German and Danish editions, which should be available in the first quarter of 2020.

If you are new to the 81346 standard series, then please watch the video below for a brief introduction:

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