81346 handbook (2017 edition)

Posted by admin on January 02, 2017

The brand new English DS handbook 166:  A Guide to RDS – Reference Designation Systems is now available for purchase from the  Danish Standards Foundation. 

The previous guide in English was from 2010, and a lot of new things have happened since then. You may say that RDS is not static at all, and development is ongoing! So the guide has undergone a complete makeover with a lot of new stuff on RDS / 81346 and we are excited to share it with you.

Highlights in the new 81346 guide are:

  • Strong relation to Systems Engineering – how to handle complexity of any design
  • How RDS establishes correspondence among documentation of systems
  • Description of the new three letter codes from 81346-2 (2017 edition)
  • Description and examples of the new Type aspect (prefix %) from 81346-12 (2017 edition)
  • Description and examples of the new 81346-12 RDS-CW: RDS for Construction Works
  • The new rule for designating properties of systems in the reference designation
  • Description and example of determining interfaces among systems
  • On the necessity of double TAG – how to map between your RDS and any other TAG

+ Tables for technical objects, spaces and infrastructure
+ Tables for functional system and technical systems in RDS-CW
+ 45 examples and 115 figures to guide you!
+ Free access to the RDS 81346 app Company Premium edition

Preview the list of contents here.