RDS 81346 app

NOTE: The current version of the RDS 81346 app includes the Final draft of letter codes for the upcoming revision of ISO/IEC 81346-2, to be published in 2017. 

The RDS 81346 app is a smartphone application that provides direct access to classification based on the upcoming update of ISO/IEC 81346 (2017) and the existing IEC 61355.

Try it today
The app is free of charge and is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can download the app on the Apple app store or Google Play store by using the links below or searching for the “RDS 81346” app.

RDS 81346
RDS 81346
Price: Free+
RDS 81346
RDS 81346
Price: Free+

Click HERE to download a simple user guide for the app to get started.

What’s inside

The app lets you search and browse the classification tables from the upcoming update of 81346-2 (2017), which adds a third letter code to the classification of technical objects and includes classification of spaces. In addition to the classification from 81346-2 for classification of technical systems the app also includes classification codes from IEC 61355 for classification of the associated system documentation .

Within the app you will have full access to up to date data for classes including definitions and example terms. We are constantly encountering new terms used within different industries, and as we do so, new terms will be added to the examples of each class, to make it even easier to find the proper classification for your design.

Your own terms

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We are completely aware of the fact, that every company has their own special terms they use. With our Business solution (Basic – Plus – Premium) you can have your company specific terms made available only to your employees within the app. This will make RDS straight forward for everyone in your company, and can help to guarantee company-wide consistency in the use of RDS – 81346. All languages are supported.

To learn more about the RDS 81346 Business Basic – Plus – Professional option, contact us at support@81346.com or (+45) 25 94 80 30