Systems engineering in brief

The key to create a ‘common language’ among different techincal disciplines:

Do you struggle with messy designs and have lost the overview? Or has your design just got more and more complicated over time, so only a few key-people can handle it? Well, this brief introduces the system approach as the strong and long-lasting reliable tool to sort that problem out once and for all.

RDS is an important part of Systems Engineering, as it set international rules to create unambiguous identification of systems-in-systems.

RDS explains how to make an approach which fit your design. I can guarantee you will benefit from making  the effort, as I have helped a lot of various disciplines to do so already: From concrete factories, district heating companies, building industries to oil platforms etc. which is transformed from unclear and esoteric to clear and easy-to-understand design approach by the use of system engineering principles.

Click to download Systems – A shortcut to manage complex design (Jan 2014) – a free brief about systems, their interface and other topics.

You might also find the Systems Engineering for Dummies (by IBM) interestering. Click here (external link) to explore the guide.